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Direct Primary Care memberships

Your health is priceless. Invest today!

Simple Age Based Monthly Plans

Age 0 - 17


Age 18 - 34


Age 35 - 69


Age 70 +


Pay 12 months in advance

Get 1 month Free


  • There is no initial Enrollment fee.

  • We do take HSA and FSA.

  • The Family clinic membership has no long-term contract or

  • You can cancel your membership at any time with 30 days notice.

  • There is a $250 re-enrollment fee for those who wish to rejoin after cancelling
    (based on availability).

Monthy Family DPC Plans

Simple and Affordable

Add Each Membership Until it Reaches $300

 Each Adult Membership 


 Each Child Membership 

The Total Monthly Family Payment until the Total Reaches $300.

(For example, Two adults (18 to 34 years) , and two children 17 and under  = $90 + $90 + $70 + $70 = $320, but since the Max is $300, the family would pay no more than $300/month for the membership). 

Family Membership Max 


Non-Member Fee-For-Service Rates

Consultation Visits or Acute Visits

$50 for 15 minutes

$100 for 30 Minutes

$150 For 45 Minutes

$200 for 60 minutes

Then $3.50/minute after 60 minutes. 

Not including testing fees, such as a strep test, labs, etc. 

For example:  

If a strep visit lasted about 15 min ( a quarter hour) would be $200/4, which equals $50 and the strep test is $15, so the total would be $65 for the visit.  

This is still far less from a cost perspective than the normal insurence-based fees. 

  • Our belief is that heathcare is provided best in the context of long term relationships, so we prefer to provide care in the DPC Membership Model. 

  • All that being said, we offer a cash-based fee-for-service rates as above for those who do not yet want to commit to a membership. 

The Holy Family

Accessible Care

Are You Financially Unable to Afford DPC and Wanting to be a Member?  Look no further!

At The Family Clinic, one central core value is serving and giving to others, and that is why we are offering a Financial Assistance Program.

It is an integral part of our mission to provide accessible Direct Primary Care to those who cannot afford the full price.

Affordable Care

Our financial assistance program is tailored to your situation. We want to ensure that you are able to access our DPC services. 

What we will need:

We will talk to you about your specific situation and review sliding scale options tailored to your situation. 

The Holy Family


Let's Make DPC accessible together!

 Help others to experience The Family Clinic difference!

We are excited to partner with people who can help us to provider DPC to others through sliding scale membership pricing. 

Here are a few ways you can help:

    1. Pray for us!

    2. Pay it forward!

      If you would like to sponsor a family or an individual in part or in full, who cannot afford a membership, contact us, and we will apply the extra funding that you give to memberships for other people who, otherwise, cannot afford the membership. 

    3. Third, if you would like to support the general growth of The Family Clinic (such as ability to hire staff, a larger location, medical equipment, expansion of programs, etc.) by paying extra funds or providing supplies or new or used equipment specifically for the DPC growth, we will apply the extra funding to the clinic, which means increased services for everyone in the DPC.  

You can help grow The Family Clinic Community!


the Healthy Weight and Lifestyle Membership Pricing

Phase1: BURN IT!

Monthly Healthy Weight and Lifestyle Membership  Price



Monthly Healthy Weight and Lifestyle Membership  Price



Standard Price



Direct Primary Care for Employers

Include DPC as a Benefit to your Employees!


 Home visits to employees not available for employer DPC memberships. 

(Site visit package: if elected by employers is $200/hour)

Employee's spouse $70/month

Dependent Spouses or Children enrolled must be in addition to one enrolled employee.

Dependent children
$30/month (2-18 years)

 Acute “sick” visits only.