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Direct Primary Care Gives Your Employees More!

Direct Primary Care in a nutshell provides very high-quality, dependable care where time is devoted to take care of the employee patient with as much time as needed and as much follow up as needed through innovative methods, such as texting, phone calls, video visits, etc.). 

Much of the administrative cost, that is seen in the standard health care system, is eliminated through the low monthly membership programs.

There is much more freedom for innovation, such as work site visits.

We will be there like no one else!

What does primary care mean? 

Primary care is about 80% of the  normal medical care that people receive.

For employers, think about the non-severe things that keep employees home, such as colds, strep, small to moderate injuries, etc.

Really Direct Primary Care is about keeping your employees and their families healthy and helping out when unexpected medical needs arise. 

DPC also alows for regular follow up for long term conditions, such as headaches, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart conditions, kidney conditions, and many more!

That is not all.  DPC is also about unprecedented advocacy for patients with specialist, hospitals, and care falls outside of primary care. 

One more thing… no health care system will have as unique, personable, approachable, and high-quality care as we will at The Family Clinic, LLC.

Why Direct Primary care for Employees?
At The Family Clinic, LLC, we provide unparalleled care!

Simply put, a lot of time and money is spent in the standard healthcare system every time a patient sees a medical provider:

According to an article out of the American Journal of Managed Care, for every medical visit a patient will take roughly 121 minutes on average when they seek medical care (37 minutes of travel, 87 minutes at the clinic, and about 8 to 12 minutes actually face to face with the provider).

Essentially, the current insurence base system requires a lot of time to be spent for a proportionately low amount of care.

Direct Primary Care offers a better option.  See more below.


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Monthly Membership Rates



Dependent (spouse)


Dependent (children) $20/month

(2-18 yo)

All Spouse or Children enrolled must be in addition to one employee enrolled.

**Some employee membership options may include children under two for a high monthly fee, please talk to us for more details.