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A Place Where You Can Be Heard!

I don’t know about you, but I have been the one sitting in the doctor’s office after being rushed off to a room.  Then I go into a conversation of why I am there with the nurse and in many cases have a longer conversation with the nurse who brought me into the room than with the provider who saw me.  

While those providers saw me and addressed very specific things, I had little chance to get out all of what was on my mind.

The sad fact is that the current insurance based, fee for service system drives providers to focus on just a few issues and to do it in a short period of time. For you, the patient, it means lower satisfaction because in the hustle and bustle of seeing the provider, it is hard to really be herd. People leave wondering whether their provider really cares.  

I just want to say to the world that most of those providers DO CARE, or at least at some point they did care, BUT the healthcare system is not set up to allow them to care very well. In most cases, insurance-based healthcare (which… by the way … is most health care), has limited how providers are able to live up to the name of healthcare provider.

Direct Primary Care, shortened to DPC, at its core, is a place where the provider can actually focus on LISTENING TO YOU!  Yes … you read it right! The old rules are gone! The limits of when you can see the provider are gone!  The membership includes all the visits needed, on top of having the provider at your fingertips with secure texting or phone calls if needed … of course within reason… providers needs their beauty sleep too in order to take good care of you tomorrow morning.  If you need to continue a conversation tomorrow… let’s do it! You don’t have to worry about whether you had everything addressed in one visit because with a monthly membership you can come back tomorrow or next week at no extra cost. Most importantly, YOU DO NOT have to rush to be heard and no need to worry about whether you will remember everything on your list.  

When you call, no more talking to several layers of staff in a faraway call center only to be told that you will have to wait another 6 weeks to see your provider, AND it will need another appointment that costs more.

DPC is UNBELEIVABLE, because it allows for US to LISTEN and for YOU to be HEARD!